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About Education by Tamara Specht

Tamara Specht Portrait
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Hi, I am Tamara! 


Beauty Photographer & Beauty Retoucher since 2012, Autodidact lerner, living in Germany & working international.

I've tried a lot in my 10+ years of retouching & photography to get where I am today. After learning the wrong techniques, I finally began to understand & learn the power of the right tools.


But I also learned the hard way that just doing that won't get me very far. After understanding the industry and clients needs & optimizing my workflow for that, it finally made PENG! 🎉

I've finally gotten the attention of the right clients and achieved my long-awaited dreams of being published in big international magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, The Times & more. 😍

My mission now:

I want YOU to become a professional in beauty retouching & in beauty photography! Therefore, you can find a lot of educational content on this site as well as on my Instagram account.

You want to get better in photography & retouching?

I will show you how! Let`s start! 🎉


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